Working With Us

We work hand-in-hand with financial advisors. We offer standardized solutions, but we’ll also work with you to identify and customize solutions to meet client needs. We offer a number of options as a part of our standard service, including values screening, custom analysis for complex tax challenges, customized bond ladders for income-seeking clients, optimized portfolios for concentrated stock positions, and more. 

We’re here to support you; together, we’ll help your clients reach their goals.


Sample Case: Screening Capabilities

A financial advisor’s clients wanted their environmental values reflected in their portfolio. Savos worked closely with the advisor, screening the portfolio to meet the clients' requirements.

Key Facts
• A financial advisor on the AssetMark platform with current clients.
• Exclude companies with “poor” environmental scores.

Key Elements of Solution
• Invest in Savos solution with individual stock portfolio.
• Screen portfolio to exclude companies with “poor” environmental scores.
• Continual monitoring to confirm adherence to screening guidelines.

Sample Case: Custom Tax Analysis

A financial advisor was in discussions with a potential new client. The client wanted to minimize her tax liability when transferring assets. Savos worked closely with the advisor to provide a detailed tax analysis, and later implemented the proposed solution.

Key Facts
• A financial advisor on the AssetMark platform pitching for business.
• Limit capital gains taxes of appreciated securities during asset transfer.
Key Elements of Solution
• Advisor receives comprehensive Custom Transition Analysis to share with client.
• Detailed proposed scenario to reduce capital gains.
• Implementation of solution with minimal paperwork.

Custom tax analysis

Bond ladder

Sample Case: Bond Ladder Solution

Savos was recently hired to build a US Treasury ladder for an agricultural cooperative. Savos worked closely with the AssetMark business development officer, providing a custom proposal and sales support.

Key Facts
• A financial advisor on the AssetMark platform pitching for business.
• Quasi-institutional investor.
• Focus on safety of principal and liquidity.
Key Elements of Solution
• No reliance on FDIC: credit backed fully by US government.
• Cost-effective.
• Transparent and liquid.