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Our solutions are expertly constructed as building blocks for AssetMark portfolios: Select one or combine several to design an overall investment solution for your clients. Our strategies are grounded in a proprietary, research-based investment approach with insightful perspectives—we view and access the markets in ways that are both innovative and effective.
Savos Personal Portfolios

Core Markets

Savos Personal Portfolios

Savos Personal Portfolios combines Savos investment expertise with highly valued investment features to provide a personalized investment experience.

Complete Solution
Savos Personal Portfolios combine individual stocks, yield-focused bond strategies, and a tactical allocation to manage risk—all in one portfolio.

Designed for Flexibility
Ready-to-go portfolios with growth, income, or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus for clients of all risk needs. Additional strategies and ability to adjust allocations allow for portfolio customization.

Tax-Smart Where It Matters
Tax sensitive portfolios receive a personalized tax-managed transition, municipal bond options, and automated tax-loss harvesting.

GMS High Dividend

PMP High Dividend 2

Savos GMS and PMP Strategies

Designed to tap into the global economy for broad market exposure and tax-efficient long-term growth.

Individual Equities
These portfolios are built on a foundation of individual stocks to allow for precise portfolio construction. We treat equity investments as ownership stakes in global businesses.

Stocks Optimized for Performance
Savos optimizes the individual equity portfolios in Core Markets strategies to pursue attractive characteristics while limiting sector overexposure.

Geographically Calibrated
Emphasize different geographic areas using our Core Markets strategies, including dividend-oriented US large cap and global—available across the risk spectrum, from conservative to maximum growth.

Make it Personal
Customize Savos portfolios to reflect client values or help clients define a tax strategy when transferring assets. Personalization is part of our standard service.

US Risk Controlled Strategy

Tactical Strategy

Savos US Risk Controlled Strategy

Designed to provide exposure to the equity market while aiming to avoid the dramatic highs and lows that can accompany equity investing. 

Market Adaptable
At any point in time, the allocation of the strategy reflects the current market environment. The strategy seeks to move with the US equity market, systematically adapting to changing market conditions to maintain a consistent level of volatility. By maintaining a more consistent level of volatility, the strategy aims to help protect assets and keep clients focused on the long-term.

Transparent Process
Stock market exposure is determined by a clear set of pre-defined rules, so you know what to expect from the portfolio investment process.

Stock optimization
Savos selects and optimizes a group of individual stocks to help clients pursue their growth goals, with the aim of avoiding the dramatic highs and lows that can accompany equity market investing.

Preservation Strategy

High Income

National Municipal

Bonds and Bond Alternatives

Savos Preservation Strategy and Bond Solutions

Designed for use as either a stand-alone investment or in combination with other strategies, these solutions can help smooth overall portfolio volatility.

Risk-Managed Global Solution
Centered on our proprietary risk management approach, this global macro strategy seeks to help protect assets in unpredictable market environments.

High Yield Solution
As part of a diversified portfolio, the Savos high yield solution seeks to provide higher and more consistent income over time.

Tax-Exempt Solution*
Savos offers a municipal bond solution to help clients meet their goals by offering income generally exempt from federal taxes and, in some cases, state taxes. 
Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund

Mutual Fund

Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund

Designed to help clients stay invested in the market over the long term, even during downturns.

Innovative portfolio protection strategy
The Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund seeks to partially offset extreme declines in the equity markets while also seeking to provide positive total returns in rising markets. The Fund is available with Savos GMS and Savos Preservation Strategy.

Holdings as of June 30, 2021
Holdings as of December 31, 2020

Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund Prospectus Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund SAI Savos Dynamic Hedging  Fund Annual Report Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund Semi-Annual Report
Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund Prospectus Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund SAI
Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund Annual Report
Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund Semi-Annual Report
The information on this website is not a solicitation for investment. Individual investors should consult with their financial advisors before making any investment decisions. Savos is not a tax advisor. Always consult with a qualified tax advisor before making any investment decisions. Asset allocation alone cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non‐diversified portfolio in any given market environment. No investment strategy, such as asset allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Stock prices rise and fall based on changes in an individual company's financial condition and overall market conditions. Stock prices can decline significantly in response to adverse market conditions, company-specific events, and other domestic and international political and economic developments. There is no guarantee that equities, or any other asset class, will outperform in the near or long term. Managed futures trading is speculative and volatile and involves a high degree of risk. Trading in futures and commodities is not appropriate for all persons, as the risk of loss is substantial. Therefore, except for those considered to be bona fide hedgers, investors should only use risk capital in futures trading. There are special risks associated with an investment in real estate, including credit risk, interest rate fluctuations and the impact of varied economic conditions. In addition to market risk, there are certain other risks associated with an investment in bonds, such as default risk, the risk that the company issuing debt securities will be unable to repay principal and interest, and interest rate risk, the risk that the security may decrease in value if interest rates increase. High-yield bonds, commonly known as junk bonds, are subject to greater loss of principal and interest, including default risk, than higher-rated bonds. This may result in greater share price volatility. Investments in municipal instruments can be volatile and significantly affected by adverse tax or court rulings, legislative or political changes, market and economic conditions, issuer, industry-specific (including the credit quality of municipal insurers), and other conditions. There is no guarantee that a Bonds & Bond Alternatives strategy will be profitable or prevent losses in a declining market.


*Income from municipal bonds is generally free from federal taxes and state taxes for residents of the issuing state. While the interest income is tax free, capital gains, if any, will be subject to taxes. Income for some investors may be subject to the federal Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

Alternative investments are not suitable for all investors as the risk of loss is substantial. Please consider the investment objectives, risk factors, charges, expenses, and investor financial suitability requirements carefully before investing.

Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund

The Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund is sold by prospectus. Before investing in a mutual fund, you should carefully consider its investment objectives, risks, management fees and expenses. The prospectus contains this and other information. You can obtain the Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund prospectus on the page above or by calling 800-664-5345. You can also request a prospectus from your financial advisor. Read it carefully before you invest.

Prior performance is no guarantee of future results. All investments involve the risk of potential investment losses as well as the potential for investment gains. This mutual fund may invest in equities (including ETFs), fixed income securities (including cash, cash equivalents, money market funds and related ETFs), and derivatives (including futures, options on securities and indexes, and swap contracts). There are general risks associated with these investments. These include, but are not limited to, security selection risk, asset class risk, management risk, market risk, portfolio turnover risk, and risk inherent in various investment strategies that this mutual fund may employ. Changes in the Fund's equity market exposure are expected to lag changes in the market, and there is no guarantee that Savos' models will accurately indicate future market movements. Additionally, while the Fund's decreased exposure to equity investments may reduce the Fund's potential for loss, it also will reduce its potential for gain. For these reasons, the Fund is intended to be used by long-term investors. The Fund is not a complete investment program and is intended to be used as a component of a broader investment allocation. Some expenses are inherent within the investments held in client accounts. Mutual funds may pay management fees to their investment advisers, and certain funds and bank money market accounts have other types of fees or charges, including 12b-1, administrative or shareholder servicing fees, bank servicing or certain other fees, which may be reflected in the net asset value of these mutual funds held in client accounts. Such expenses are borne by all investors holding such securities in their accounts and are separate from AssetMark’s fees or charges.

Futures trading is speculative and volatile and involves a high degree of risk. Trading in futures and options on futures is not appropriate for all persons, as the risk of loss is substantial. Therefore, except for those considered to be bona fide hedgers, investors should only use risk capital in futures trading.

From December 7, 1998 through July 9, 2015 the Fund operated as the Contra Fund. As noted in the prospectus, on July 10, 2015, the Fund changed its name (to Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund) and investment strategy (to a more tactical approach). Unlike the Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund, the Contra Fund did not use a tactical strategy. Instead, Contra Fund sought to provide “continuous protection” in both up and down markets by purchasing put options to protect the equity positions of Savos clients within the AMP program.

S&P 500® Index (a registered trademark of the McGraw Hill Companies) is an unmanaged basket of 500 stocks that are considered to be widely held and thus believed to be a good indicator of overall market performance. This index of common stocks is weighted by market value. CBOE®, Chicago Board Options Exchange®, CBOE Volatility Index® and VIX® are registered trademarks of CBOE. CFA® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute.

The Savos Dynamic Volatility signal is based on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index (VIX). Data is sourced from Bloomberg and loaded into the Savos Dynamic Volatility algorithm on a daily basis. The Market Fragility Signal is proprietary; data is sourced from Bloomberg and calculated daily using proprietary software. The Savos Dynamic Volatility and Market Fragility signals serve as indicators of market volatility and market fragility. Based on these indicators, the Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund will adjust exposure to the S&P 500 and/or introduce VIX-based strategies. The proprietary Market Fragility Signal, combined with the Savos Dynamic Volatility signal, provides a unique method to measure and monitor levels of market stress. We have relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of all information available from public sources. Charts do not represent the past performance of any particular investment.

The opinions expressed here are those of Savos Investments and are subject to change at any time.

The material available on this page is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as investment advice, or an offer or solicitation to invest in any securities. Savos Dynamic Hedging Fund is only available within certain Savos investment advisory solutions, available on the AssetMark platform. Individual investors seeking more information about these investments should consult with their financial advisor to determine if the investment advisory services available through the AssetMark platform are suitable for them.

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